John Kirk Art


Growing up, I lived in several places in the US as well as France and Germany, which changed my image of life. I immersed myself in the sights, sounds, smells, and feeling of these diverse places. Those experiences influenced me to take gritty real life pictures.

I don’t start out to shoot a particular subject; I wander around and shoot what presents itself. I consider myself a photo opportunist. I shoot pictures with a “see it and shoot it” approach. I am curious about the story of the subject that I am photographing and what story will emerge when I am looking at the pictures. I love stories and I see stories everywhere. An example is a shot I took in India of a young man on a bus next to mine. His face and eyes told a story of a difficult life.  His gaze suggested he was trying to escape by looking out beyond his day-to-day life. My objective is for each shot to be able to tell a story on it’s own.

My first pictures were taken with a Kodak Starmite camera. I would walk around and take crazy pictures, things like the inside of garbage cans. One shot was a garbage can with only two pieces of paper and a can.  When developed the film, in black and white, it looked like it was staged and not created by gravity. I still love and shoot black and white pictures, especially of cityscapes.

Where will I find my next story?

John Kirk Art Photography